Why Is Everyone Crazy for Avocado?

Posted by Melany Krangle on
Whether you like avocado or not, it is hard not to notice the fact that the whole world is going crazy for them at the moment. And, to be honest, can you blame us for decking out all our dishes with this wonderful fruit? It’s creamy and delicious and you can pretty much feel yourself getting healthier as you eat it. It also goes with virtually everything – sandwich, salad, soup, side dish you name it. I’ve even seen avocados in brownies so you can add dessert to that list as well. 

But, food trends like this don’t happen often. We have seen all kinds of foods come into fashion and then disappear into obscurity again. No-one talks about kale any more or turmeric or green juice. Why, then, has the avocado kept its crown for such a long time? Why is it that everyone in the world has capitalised on our obsession with these mouth-watering ovals of goodness? It’s not like they’re even that cheap anyway!

Avocados Are a Great Source of Good Fat

By now, everyone is familiar with the term ‘good fat’. This isn’t the kind of fat that just sits on our hips and makes out thighs wobble. Good fat consists of mono- and polyunsaturated fats and has been proven to help with heart disease and reduce cholesterol. Avocados are full of this good fat and while you shouldn’t binge on it, adding it to your diet is not only fine, it’s actually really good for you. Finally, we don’t need be afraid of the word ‘fat’ anymore. 

Avocados Have Been Linked to Weight Loss

Have you ever eaten a whole avocado? Those bad boys really fill you up. In fact most people only need to eat about half to feel satisfied. Avocados are filling but they are still healthy, which means that when you eat them you feel full up afterwards but not gross and unhealthy. When you feel full you are less likely to need a snack later on in the day. So, pile avocado on to your lunch and watch your appetite for afternoon snacks fade away.

It Looks Good

Moving away from health benefits, we like avocados because they look good. That might sound weird but it is true. While avocados are no healthier than a lot of other fruits and vegetables, their green, wholesome colour makes them seem more so. We associate green with healthy and the vivid colour of the avocado triggers something in our brain that associates it with the upper echelons of healthy eating. This means we can make something delicious with avocado and post it all over Instagram and look like health goddesses even though we turned it into guacamole and ate it with nachos. 

It Fits Into Every Diet

I have never met anyone with an allergy to avocado. There probably is someone out there who is (poor soul) but it isn’t a common occurrence. We love avocados because they are completely inoffensive to almost everyone. This means that even if you have a sever gluten intolerance or you have decided to go vegan, avocados will still be on the menu. They are everyone’s food and that makes them all the more appealing. 

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